About Us

Delicious Education has been developed to fill a very much needed gap in education via a team of very passionate individuals that have collaborated many years of experience and expertise to develop a fun, measurable platform to allow people, businesses and charities globally to feed hungry minds.

Some of these individuals are:

Tjaart Walraven – Executive Chef and Educator

Taste-CT-2013To Tjaart there is nothing more exhilarating than sharing his passion for good wholesome food, both as an entertainer and educator. Most people think the kid in Tjaart still exits and out weighs his adult like nature, yet the skill and mindset of his experience excites young and old. The greatest joy that Tjaart receives are the expressions on children’s faces as they experience new things for the first time. The sniggles and giggles with each one egging on the next to try the enticing lure, Tjaart has an incredible way in his training. Through his experiences in understanding the greater perspective, from growing up in Zimbabwe and working in Africa along with influential businesses, he understands the cultural differences, value of product, food security and sustainability that become tools to his success. The power and up-liftement of children is fundamental to Tjaart’s legacy in nurturing the future of chefs. “Teaching children healthy ways of eating and to maximize the nutritional value of food is critical to future strategies – focussing only on filling stomachs from the basic bread line is over. Its time to move towards education” says Tjaart in a presentation to an international feeding scheme. The cultural background has seen more women cook than men in Africa. The need to overcome and drive a balanced notion is society is key to the development in moving forward creating a brighter and faster educated future.

Zara Langford – Content Development, Sales and Marketing


With over 25 years experience in the communications industry, Zara has developed a love for all channels of communications from the individual end user to the marketing strategy to attract and measure engagement. She is a designer at heart, has worked with many NPOs and has a love for food – so when the opportunity arose to invest in Delicious Education, she jumped right in. Having run her own business, Fireworks Communications for 20 years, and her marketing background, she is the business-end of the team – ensuring measurable channels are created, supporting real results and hands-on benefits to the learners. She is responsible for the development of the content from printed material in South Africa into the digital space, increasing the reach to all children across the globe.

Charmaine McKinley – Daily Bread Foundation

charmainemckinleyCharmaine has been involved in the hospitality and entertainment of most of her career, when she felt the need to move into more challenging and rewarding circles. She has been one of the founding directors at daily bread, an organisation working with disadvantaged children and adults in extremely rural and tragic circumstances. Her respect for community and the traditional and political communication channel, has afforded her the ability to gate keep many projects, funds and implement them to make a real difference. She has vast media resources through her company PR-Solutions and works closely with them to gain awareness and support.